Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What I Learned

After a busy day yesterday, just stayed home with the kids today.  We need one of those days every once in awhile, but by dinner time we definitely needed a break from one another after being cooped up inside most of the day!  Thanks to the hubby for dealing with the kids so I could get to the gym and grocery store.  Since summer has began (this is week 4 now….where is it going??)  I have tried to get out and do something with the kids each day.  Park, pool, play groups, puppet shows, performances at the park, sand, sprinklers, spray park, stroller rides…it’s been busy, but fun, and we’ve LOVED every minute of it! 

Because we just stayed home today, I was able to cross a few things off my to-do list.  One being to google some things about starvation mode.  I found a few helpful pieces of information, and I’ll summarize and share what I learned today.  First off, here were my questions:
  • Am I putting my body into starvation mode only eating 1200 calories/day, even while exercising?
  • How long does it take for your body to go into starvation mode?
  • If you are in starvation mode, what’s a healthy way to fix it?
Here were some of the answers I scrounged up:
  • Yes, essentially I am (or was) putting my body into starvation mode by not compensating enough for my workouts.  If I burn 200-500 calories exercising, then I need to eat that much more to make up for it.  This is a little hard to swallow for me, but I’m going to try my best to do this. 
  • It can take as little as 36 hours for your body to go into starvation mode.  However, typically it’s more like a few days – 2 to 3. 
  • A fix can be quite simple.  Just up your calorie intake (maybe 50 calories or so until you are where you should be) until you are at a net caloric intake of 1200 (or whatever your net caloric goal is).  What that means is this, provided for you in a math sentence (which is only appropriate for me!)                                                                       Caloric intake – Exercise Calories Burned = 1200. 
  • If your body is/was in starvation mode, it can screw up your hunger cues and holds on to fat stores.
  • If trying to get out of starvation mode, you may gain weight until your body adjusts to the fact that it knows you are going to feed it what it needs!

I am in no way, shape, or form claiming that I am an expert.  I’m just sharing with you a few things I learned from the readings I did.  I got a lot of my info from and

After learning a few things today, I did eat a little bit more than normal, which is probably not going to be a problem for me! J I’m going to make sure it’s healthy things, duh!  I think I ate every fruit I had in the house today!  Breakfast was another green smoothie.  This one wasn’t too bad.  I added blueberries and a frozen banana.  Couldn’t really taste the blueberries, so I’ll have to keep experimenting with that.  For a mid-morning snack I ate baby carrots with a Laughing Cow cheese wedge.  Lunch was my leftover salsa chicken bake on corn tortillas and grapes.  My afternoon go-to snack was an apple and string cheese.  Dinner was the best – Cajun Pulled Pork Tenderloin, brown rice, steamed broccoli, and strawberries.  I even treated myself to a few glasses of Crystal Light Peach Tea today.  Yum!

The workout on the Insanity calendar today was Cardio Recovery.  No high impact moves today, just lots of toning exercises (squats, lunges) and yoga poses.  So to input my numbers into my math formula above, I did fine today.  A tad over on calories, but I don’t think any harm has been done.  However, I did not factor in the 30 minute walk I took with the kids today, so I’m probably right where I should be! 

Caloric intake – Exercise Calories Burned = 1200
      1405  –  154  = 1251 My Net Calories for the day

Another good day done!  Thank you for reading and supporting, all my loyal and obsessive friends.  (You know who you are….hope I just made you smile!)   

This was part of our busy day yesterday.  This peacock sure wanted to mate!  It was a bit scary - he was honking and shakin' his tail feathers like no other!


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