Saturday, June 9, 2012

Not so original

Well, so much for being different and off-the-cuff.  Google and I are good friends, as you know, and today I spent some time searching for other blogs out there similar to what I am hoping to accomplish.  Shocker – I’m not the only one who thought of doing a blog like this!  And here I thought I had come up with this brilliant idea and I would be like NO ONE else….the disappointment got the best of me for about 2 seconds.  Then I got over it and started reading.  And reading.  And reading.  Sorry family, if I was a bit pre-occupied at times today. 
It’s not only motivating to re-live someone else’s weight loss journey, it’s also very comforting.  To read someone else’s story and know that it can be done makes me want the same for myself.  I have a way of getting what I want when I want it – and I’ve never wanted it more than I do right now!  I’ve heard people say that something just “clicks” when you are finally ready to face the truth and deal with your struggles.  I felt that yesterday when I decided that now was the time and I was going to blog my thoughts, my progress, my struggles, and my journey.  It was like a weight (no pun intended) was lifted and I was instantly happy.  Happy with my decision to move forward and finally tackle this ever-encompassing struggle with food!  Yep, it’s the food that gets me every time.  I can work out – I even enjoy working out most days.  It’s the darn food that gets me every time.  There are many other people out there facing the same battle with food, and I found a few in some of the blogs I found today.  It all started with this blog:  I found her story very similar to mine.  She has links to many other blogs with even similar stories. 
If I’ve intrigued you, check it out!

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