Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sweet Potato Chili

A Sweet Potato Chili tutorial.  I do not claim this recipe as my own....my friend Lexi made it for our book club last week, and it was scrumptious!  I love chili anyway, and am always ready to try a new recipe.  And it's meatless, for those of you who aren't fans!  Give it a try!
Here is the list of ingredients I used:  4-5 sweet potatoes, 2 cans diced tomatoes, 1 can black beans, 1 can pinto beans, red pepper, onion, about 1 cup of chicken broth (see the boullion cube there in the pic?) garlic, chili powder, and cumin.  (You could really use any kind of beans you see fit, as well as add any veggies you think would be good! Or other spices for that matter too....don't ask me what kind, I have no idea.)
First I peeled and chopped the sweet potatoes.  Then threw them in the crock pot.
Next, I diced the onion and added that in.
Next comes the diced red pepper.
Next, I drained and rinsed the beans, then added those to the mix.
Add your tomatoes - but I did NOT drain these.  The liquid is needed - I even think it looks a little thick, but it seems to make it's own juices as it cooks, so I didn't worry about that.
Throw in your spices.  I did 2 Tbsp. chili powder, 1 Tbsp. cumin, and about a teaspoon of garlic, or 1-2 cloves if you use fresh.
Next I poured in the chicken broth.  Now I like my soups thick, so I only did 1 cup.  If you like it more soupy, feel free to add more!
Finally, I stirred it all together.  Then I set my crock pot on high and let cook for 3 1/2 - 4 hours.  Or until I noticed the sweet potatoes were soft. 
This is what the outcome was!!  You could serve with sour cream and shredded cheese, if desired (and if you aren't trying to lose 60 pounds!)

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