Thursday, June 14, 2012

Motivation Marbles

I saw this idea on Pinterest.  It’s a visual model to represent the amount of weight you have left to lose versus how much you’ve lost.  I’m gonna do this too, and hopefully it will be another daily reminder to keep pushing me forward!  Be sure to tune in on Saturday for my first weigh-in and results.

Another fine day!  Sweaty Insanity Pure Cardio workout, followed by Cardio Abs.  Food today was nothing new – mainly leftovers all the same things I’ve been eating and snacking on.  My calorie intake today was around 1430.  My calories burned through exercise were around 400.  So that puts my net calories at about 1030.  Which means I should still eat another 200 calories today.  This is such a hard concept for me to swallow….eat more to lose weight?  I certainly don’t want to plateau and put my body into starvation mode by not eating enough, but in my mind I’m thinking “Don’t eat anymore!  You’ve had plenty all day!  The less calories you eat, the better!”  But supposedly this is not true…I think I’ll go have some almonds and some Greek yogurt to finish up the day.  This whole eating more thing better work, or I will be very discouraged!

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  1. I know!! Crazy that your body needs the calories... Way to go! I'm super impressed and have been motivated by you... :) Much Love!