Sunday, June 24, 2012

I Like Exercising

I like to exercise.
I like how I feel after I exercise.
I like it when I am dripping sweat in my eyes and down my face.
When I sweat a lot I know I'm pushing myself hard.
I love how a nice long drink of ice cold water feels in the middle of my workout.
I like the challenge that exercising gives me.
I like it when I can hardly do a move the first time, but as I get stronger, I notice the move gets easier.
I like running.  (NEVER did I think I would say that!)
I like breathing in the cool, crisp morning air on an early morning run.
I like pushing myself just a little bit further each time I run.
I like staring my day with a good workout.
After my workout is done, I feel energized and motivated to make the most of my day.
I like waking up the next morning after a good, tough workout and hurting all over.
It's a good hurt - let's me know that my body is getting stronger.
I like to exercise.

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