Monday, June 11, 2012

I've Got a Feeling

 I can’t explain it, but this time my quest to lose weight and get healthy somehow just feels different.  I feel motivated.  I feel confident.  I feel sure that I am going to do this.  I would say the one reason that is different than the hundreds of other times I've told myself that I was going to start today….then re-start the next day…oh wait, I guess I’ll start on Sunday.  Nah…Monday sounds like a good day to start.  Well, I’ll start on the first of the month….yep, that’s what I would do.  Over, and over, and over again.  The one thing that makes this time different than all those other times is that I am not alone.  I’m not facing this long-term battle by myself.  I've got support from all of you and it feels great!  For months on end it feels like I have been telling myself that “today is the day!”  But on Saturday, when I told myself that I was really going to do this and reach out to all of you, the very moment I decided “this is it!”, something in me changed.  Sounds corny, right?  But like I said before, I can’t explain the feeling, I just know that it happened.  I was instantly happy with my decision.  I was excited to finally be doing this for myself, something that will in turn give me a better life, a better outlook on things, and something I know will make me happy!  (Insert a giant happy-face emoticon here.) 

My quest is still moving forward in the right direction.  I feel as if I had another great day.  (Stop reading now if the breakdown of my workout and food annoys you or bores you to tears….)  Insanity Cardio Power and Resistance to start off my day.  Drenched with sweat, then quickly into the shower when I was done so I could be out before Lindy left for work.  I don’t like showering immediately after a workout.  I need some time to cool down and stop sweating!  Otherwise I shower and then feel like I can’t dry off, not because it’s water, but sweat!  Gross.  What’s the point in the shower then?  Sorry, of track…

Breakfast today was a banana before workout, then a disgusting green smoothie after.  It’s my own fault that it was disgusting.  I found a recipe (link here) for a green monster smoothie that I’ve made a few times and I haven’t minded it.  I don’t LOVE it, but I don’t hate it.  (It’s easier to swallow when I remind myself of the healthy nutrients it’s packed with.)  Today I substituted frozen strawberries for the frozen banana, and left out the peanut butter.  Yuck.  I still drank the whole thing, but won’t be trying that one again.  I bought blueberries today, which I NEVER eat, and am anxious to use those in a smoothie and see how it goes.  Lunch consisted of delicious sweet potato chili, a recipe that I just got from my friend Lexi that I LOVE, and some cottage cheese.  (Random fact - I ate chili for lunch for 4 months straight a few years ago.  No joke.  Homemade chili too - I'd make a giant batch and freeze it in lunch-size portions).  I'll post a recipe of the sweet potato chili one of these days.  And it's meatless!  Oh, and that is NOT sour cream that you see in the picture.  It is non-fat plain Greek yogurt.  I use it in place of sour cream ALWAYS.  Snacked on some pumpkin seeds and craisins in the afternoon, and had grilled steak, cucumber tomato salad, and fruit for dinner. 
My colorful dinner!
Sweet potato chili

Hope you all had a great day too!  Once again, thanks for stopping by and reading.  Here’s to another fabulous day tomorrow!

Oh, and I got a new haircut today.  Never mind the no make-up.  So far I like it, but can I fix it the way the stylist did come tomorrow?  We'll see.

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