Saturday, June 23, 2012

Week 2 Results

Well to sum up this week, I can think of one word...BLAH.  Is that really even a word?

I hated my Insanity workouts.  I hated that it wasn't as high intensity as I'm used to.  I hated that it was the SAME workout 6 days straight.  I bet my body needed the rest, as I'm feeling revved and ready to go for the last half of Insanity that I will start tomorrow.  I'm actually very excited to see what the first workout in the MAX series of workouts has to offer!

The food this week was nothing new either.  Pretty much snacked on the same things, ate the same salad almost daily, at the same dinners and lunches for the most part.  However, enough variety where I'm not bored of any of it yet.  And hopefully I won't be.  I did make my avocado feta dip (I blogged about it here) which was new for me, and fabulously delicious.  And I also went to a BBQ party on Friday night where I had this amazingly awesome spinach blueberry salad.  I got the recipe, so I'll be making that soon, and I'll probably blog about it and let you know what it is so you can enjoy the amazing awesomeness of it too!

Speaking of the BBQ I went to (which was a super fun time, thanks Patty!) reminds me of all the things I avoided this week.  I'm going to stop for a minute and give myself credit for all the unhealthy options I passed up.  First of all - a 3rd birthday party today where I avoided some super cute monster-decorated cupcakes.  A BBQ Friday night where I avoided potato salad, yummy summer pasta dishes, brownie pudding, cookies, cake, and alcohol.  McDonald's for the kids' lunch one day and I had salad at home.  Dinner guests on Wednesday night and they brought yummy brownies and chocolate chip cookie bars that I didn't touch.  The hubby's birthday on Tuesday where I made him a homemade chocolate cake and only had the tiniest of tastes.

So here's the thing.  Even after all healthy choices I made and workouts I did, just about a one pound loss on the scale this week.  A little bummed about that, but I'm not going to let it get me down.  A pound is a pound, and I'll take it!  I'm thinking with the more intense workouts this week, I'll see some different numbers come next Saturday.

Hope you all had a great week - I keep thinking tomorrow's Monday already, but I still get one more day with the husband and kids before that happens, so yay!  I even cleaned the entire house this morning, so I don't even have that to worry about.  Double yay!  Thanks for following my friends, and see you next time!

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