Saturday, June 16, 2012

Week 1 Results

Well today’s the day!  Start of week 2 and first official weigh-in after working my butt off all week.  I woke up excited and anxious to step on the scale.  (I know, weird isn’t it??)  I went into the bathroom and was overcome with feelings of nervousness and anxiousness.  (Gosh, what is going ON?  Who feels like this when getting weighed?)  I took a deep breath, thought skinny thoughts, and stepped on…

Remember this post about my motivation marbles?  Can you see how many are in the “pounds lost” jar?  Look harder…..count them up….can’t you tell?  No, you can’t?  Ok, I’ll spare you the drama…SIX!  Six pounds lost!  Woohoo!  6.2 to be exact.  I could not be more thrilled, happy, proud, ecstatic, you name it!  Now the pessimist in me is saying “Well how much of that is water weight?”  “Is it really 6 pounds of this?” (see fat picture!) And “That much weight will never come off in one week again.”  But I’m just going to push those thoughts aside and celebrating a good first week by NOT WORKING OUT TODAY!  That’s my reward to myself.  After 7 straight days of exercising, and a sore back from picking strawberries yesterday, I’m giving my body a rest today.  And I’m going to enjoy it!  (P.S.  I updated yesterday's post with some cutie-patootie pictures of the kids at "Strawberry Land" as Leah called it!)

I realistically do not expect to lose as much as 6 pounds in a week every week.  I know that won’t happen.  My goal this week is another 2-3.  I would be happy with that for sure.  My workouts this week will be a bit different, however.  If you know anything at all about the Insanity program, there is a calendar you follow that tells you which workouts to do on which days.  Last week for me was week 4 of Insanity.  Even though it was only week 1 of my 100% commitment to eat right and lose this weight, I had started Insanity the first week of summer.  And I wasn’t going to re-start it (for the 4th or 5th time!) just because I was finally ready to make this commitment.  So I just kept it going.  Week 5 of Insanity is six days straight of Core Cardio and Balance.  I’ve never made it this far in the program before, so I’m not sure what that workout entails.  I have a feeling it won’t be as high-intensity, so my plan right now is to jog on three of those days and get some weight training in on the other three, in addition to doing that workout.  So here’s to a great week 2!!

Hope you all have a grand Saturday.  My plan is to mix up some strawberry jam, strawberry bread, and possibly a strawberry torte.  Go to the gym (just for some hot-tub/sauna/steam room relaxation), do some grocery shopping, go to Sam’s club, hang out with my friend Jill and go for a walk…did I mention all without kids?  Lindy is taking them to see the grandparents today, so I get a day to myself.  I'm thinking of it as another little reward to myself for a job well done last week!  See you all tomorrow, and thanks for reading friends!       


  1. So I think you are cutting yourself short on some of the amazing accomplishments you made this week in regards to food choices. We took the kids to McDonalds and you resisted the urge to eat any, not even ONE fry. Then on Friday pizza for the kids at the spray park and you once again packed and ate your salad and other goodies. That is so impressive in itself, to have the power to resist those foods when they are so readily available. Keep up the good work my friend, once you are at your goal weight you can learn to incorporate some of those foods back into your diet, because lets face it, thats why so many diets or weight loss journeys fail as people dont learn how to balance their food choices for the LONG road. One can not live on lettuce alone, well maybe some can, but I cant imagine they are happy people :) Ok that is just my opinion! WAY TO GO! KEEP IT UP!

    1. I fully intend to eat pizza and fries again one day...but I am quite content for the moment and completely happy with my salad and cottage cheese! Thanks for the words of encouragement Mandy!!