Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Two Observations

My biggest downfall in my past attempts at dieting was eating at night.  After dinner, nothing else to do, feeling lazy and just wanted to watch TV, read a book, waste time on the computer, and EAT.  Almost every single night.  I would do great during the day, eating as healthy as I possibly could, then just blow it at night.  It was a mindless task that I wouldn’t even think about.  I wasn’t hungry, and didn’t really want the food, but would just find whatever treat I could and eat it.  Tonight, for the first time since starting this venture, did I feel like that.  It was about 7:45 or 8:00 p.m.  I just wanted to get up off the couch, grab some food, and eat.  I didn’t, but I sure wanted to.  And I would have, had I not made this commitment to you all and to myself.  Another babystep concurred! 

So then I tried to ask myself “Why?”  What was I feeling, or what was going on, that made me want to do sabotage all of my hard work for today and blow it?  Was I bored?  No.  I had 2 kids to bathe and a bedtime routine to get started.  Was I hungry?  Not in the least.  So what brought on the feeling?  I have no idea.  Something I’ll have to ponder more about.  If I feel this way again, I’ll try once more to really think about what was going on and figure it out.  Have you ever felt this way??  If so, do you know why?

Another revelation I had today had to do with my workout.  While I like routine and can handle repetitiveness pretty well (like teaching the same class 4x a day…), I don’t really like it when it comes to exercising.  I need to change it up on a daily basis.  This doing the same workout for 6 days in a row is not something I am liking this week.  Probably why I skipped it yesterday and went for a good long walk instead.  Twice more of this same, boring, monotonous workout, and then I can start mixing it up again.  I’m looking forward to Sunday when that happens!


  1. Jamie-You are doing so incredibly well! I wish I had half of your will power! Unfortunately book club won't be nearly as fun watching you not eat all the desserts like myself:) Way to go sister-super proud of you!!-Alexis

    1. Thanks Lexi, I really appreciate your words of encouragement! Don't worry, I've got some new and DELICIOUS recipes to make for book club that I will definitely pig out on!! And I'll get back to the sweets, just not yet, and in moderation...