Monday, June 18, 2012


About 2 years ago, a student of mine asked me if I liked mangos.  I had to honestly answer that I had never had one!  Well today I did for the first time.  Ehhh…can’t say I loved it.  First off, I don’t think it was ripe enough AT ALL.  I was afraid I wouldn’t even know how to find one at the store when I went shopping.  Thankfully they had them clearly marked and labeled for idiots in the mango department, like me.  Then I didn’t know how to cut it…it was just short of an all-around disaster.  But I salvaged what I could to make a fruit salsa for this Tilapia Fish Taco recipe that I made for dinner.  My overall review was that it was kind of bland and I didn’t care for the salsa.  The tilapia was good.  Now I have lots of leftover fish and plan to try a few different versions to find one I like.  As always, I can thank Pinterest for some different recipes to try!  I’ll update you if I find one that’s better.

Nothing new in the area of my workout today.  Same as yesterday, minus the run.  Breakfast was a smoothie, lunch a salad with chicken, snacked on yogurt, almonds, and string cheese.  Then dinner was my tacos.  No sweet treats yet again today, even when Lindy was sharing some M&M’s with the kids.  Now don’t get me wrong, part of me wanted to put my hand out for some too, but my willpower is still going strong!

Here’s a cute picture of Leah at dance camp, which started today.  She was SO excited for it, and had a blast!  The first thing she said to me when it was over was “Mommy, can we come back again?”  Good thing we’ve got 3 more days of it!

Hope you all had a Happy Monday, and have a great week!

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