Friday, June 15, 2012

Day 7 Feeling Lazy

I'm feeling lazy today...haven't wanted to keep up with chores, dishes, or pick up toys around the house.  No laundry done, and barely had enough energy to make a decent dinner.  Needless to say, I still woke up and did my Insanity workout this morning first thing.  If I don't work out right away in the morning, I'll never do it!  After getting myself and the kids ready to go, we went to a berry farm this morning with grandma and picked fresh strawberries for about an hour and a half.  Maybe that's why I am so lazy today - feeling worn out from that, as well as 7 days straight of working out.  And if I wasn't feeling so lazy, maybe I'd post some cute pictures of the kids picking strawberries, but my camera is all the way down stairs.  Sorry, not gonna happen - not today at least. 

Food today was once again, nothing new.  Lots of fruit, yogurt, lettuce, low-fat cheeses, high protein meats, nuts, and veggies.  And lots of water.  I'm anxious for tomorrow's weigh-in.  And excited to post the results.  Is that weird??

The tractor ride to the fields - Leah and Grandma

"I think I'll have one!"

"Wait a minute......"

"Oh yum, I like it!"

"Here Mommy, I picked you some flowers!"

Hope you are all having a more eventful Friday night than me.  I'm gonna dink around on the internet, watch an episode or two of LOST, and go to bed.  See you tomorrow morning!    

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