Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Off topic...

I don't "tweet", do you?  Never even logged on to twitter to see what it was about.  There's this blog that I follow for a lady named Angie who makes AWESOME jewelry.  I have a few of her pieces and LOVE them.  Well she's doing a super fun giveaway, and I WANT TO WIN!  I could enter the giveaway up to 9 times by doing various tasks - it was quite simple and easy to do.  However, I was only able to enter 8 times, because I don't twitter...or tweet...heck, I don't even know the correct lingo!

Anyhow, you should check out her blog {HERE}.  (This is the link to the giveaway.  Enter by July 8.  Wait - DON'T enter.  If you enter this giveaway too, that decreases MY chances of winning!  Just kidding, enter if you want...)

And check out her etsy site {HERE}.

For anyone out there who ever wants to get me a gift for being so awesome, you could always remember that I like this jewelry!  ;-)

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