Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Long Time, No See!

Geesh time flies.  And I can't say I've been having fun!  It's been a busy 2 weeks back to school.  Not only did I have my first weeks back, but I had a bridal shower, bachellorette party, volleyball practices to run, and husband out of town for 3 days making me single mom.  Not to mention the husband took on a part time job and leaves some mornings at 3 AM for that!  I didn't mean to be MIA for so long!

The first week back into the swing of things, I kept up pretty good with exercising.  Last week, I didn't do as well.  But, the weight has stayed steady.  No loss, no gain.  And I'm ok with that because...

I have some news to share...

I'm 15 weeks pregnant.

Yep, do the math.  I've literally been pregnant this entire time.  Since the day I decided to begin this journey to get healthy and lose 60 pounds, I've had a little life to think about as well.  Way back in June when I started this blog, I didn't know yet.  I found out on June 23rd.  So for two weeks I was SO motivated and SO loving all the changes.  Then, when I took the test, I'm not gonna lie - I was shocked.  Mad.  Upset.  Excited.  Terrified.  Bummed.  I cried for nearly a day.  But then I got over it.  I'm maybe a bit in denial still, and have to remind myself somedays that I'm having a baby.  But I'm happy about it now!  I definitely wanted more babies, and I feel that my quest to get healthy probably came at the perfect time!

My goal now is to just maintain a healthy weight throughout these next 25 weeks.  And to have a happy, healthy new baby!


  1. Congrats thats great news and hope that everything continues going well for you getting healthy :) Going to find out the sex of the little one?

  2. Oh my gosh! That is fantastic! You can totally maintain a healthy weight through this--keep us all posted on your pregnancy progress!